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Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour

Mount Bromo Sunrise

Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour have best volcanoes view and sunrise views. Mount Bromo is still one of the most active volcanoes in the world and there are areas that are blocked off from tourists due to its imminent danger. It sits inside the massive Tengger caldera (volcanic crater with a diameter approximately 10km), surrounded by the Laut Pasir (sea of sand) of fine volcanic sand. After an easy hike, travelers are awarded a breathtaking and ethereal landscape during the sunrise

bromo sunrise - Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour

The Best Places to Enjoy Mount Bromo Sunrise

There are many spot to see Mount Bromo Sunrise. The most popular spot is Mount Penanjakan Bromo. Every visitors who want to do Mount Bromo Trekking Tour. They will go to Mount Penanjakan to see the Sunrise Bromo First and after that they will do Mount Bromo Trekking Tour, they will walk around 1.5 km with crossing sea of sand Bromo to the summit of Mount Bromo then they will presented with a beauty Bromo Volcanoe lake.

1. Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour At Penanjakan Point

Bukit Penanjakan Hill Bromo Bromo Sunrise Tour Bromo Milky Way - Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour

Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour At Penanjakan Poin is the popular spot at Mount Bromo areas. You can reach Mount Penanjakan around 40 Minutes from Cemoro Lawang Village by 4WD Jeep. Avoid to visit this poin in the weekend of holiday because it will be crowded. And you will see nothing, why..? because there will be lots of visitor local and foreign so you will not able to see the sunrise but you will only see thousands visitors.

2. Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour At Kingkong Hill Bromo

Photo Bukit Kingkong Hill Mount Bromo Pictures - Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour

To see sunrise at Kingkong Hill Bromo is the spot that we recommended. The location is before Pananjakan. Not as popular as Pananjakan, Kingkong Hill give you the best place to see the sunrise because this place is not too crowded. Before Kingkong hill, there is also a place that can see the sunrise. It’s called Love Hill. But we still recommend the Kingkong hill to see the sunrise in Bromo.

3. Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour At Love hill Bromo

Photo Bukit Cinta Love Hill Bromo - Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour

We also recomend you To see Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour at (Bukit Cinta) Love hill in peak season. especially in new years. because there will be a lot of visitors in the holiday season. There are lots of visitors who could not see the sunrise in that moment. so we suggest you to visit the love hill (Bukit Cinta) to see the sun rise, or we advise you to leave the hotel around 3:00 am. But we still recommend the Kingkong hill to see the sunrise in Bromo.

Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour Itinerary

Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour From Surabaya with duration 2 Days 1 Night, Disover also  Madakaripura Waterfall Tour, Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour, Bromo Trekking Tour and Bromo Milky Way tour. Best Tour Package Price from Surabaya to Mount Bromo for best sunrise time and enjoy Mount Bromo Tour back to Surabaya or Bali

Day 01: Surabaya To Bromo Hotel

madakaripura waterfall bromo 200x300 - Mount Bromo Sunrise TourMeeting Point at Hotel or Train Station or Surabaya Airport (please let us know where we have to meet you),. Bromo Tour Team will pick you up from the airport then escord you to The Hotel in Cemoro Lawang Village Bromo. then drive to Mount Bromo area with an AC vehicle tourist standard for about 3-4 hours. Upon your arrival in Mt. Bromo area, you will stay at the hotel which is located in the Bromo National Park area before you enjoy sunrise view & Bromo Tours on the next morning

Madakaripura Waterfall Tour (Optional Tour Program)

If you still have enough time & the weather is good enough, you will have a chance to visit Madakaripura waterfall during the way from Surabaya to your hotel in Mt Bromo.

Day 02: Bromo Sunrise Tour, Bromo Trekking Tour – Back to Surabaya

Around At 3:30 am 4WD (JEEP) to bring us to reach parking area in Mount Pananjakan Bromo. Bromo Sunrise at Mount Penanjakan the most amazing views in the world! That’s fair enough reason to get ready as quickly as possible and set off on a hike in darkness alongside few others. Most tourist opt for easy organised jeep tour to take them to the Mount Bromo (2392 m) and Penanjakan viewpoint (2700 m). It take about 45 minute driving. Afterward, you are required to walk till the place as known as view point to see sunrise with its young volcanic including Mount Bromo and an active Mount Semeru as background.

Note: We suggest you to visit Kingkong Hill Point for sunrise tour, Kingkong Hill give you best views for Mount Bormo also Sunrise.  If it is not foggy, the sunlight when the sunrise will play light shadow which it come up from the sidelines of the mountains and it will give impression like unforgettable Holiday.

bromo ijen tours - Mount Bromo Sunrise TourAfterward, your trip will continue to the amazing view on the slope of Mt. Bromo by passing sea of sand. Our jeep will bring us to continue our trip to reach the parking area of mount bromo trekking. you are required to cross seas sand on the slope of Mt. Bromo by horse riding or on foot (it is optional) till reach the stairs up (more than 250 stairs) at the slope of Mt Bromo which it will lead you to reach peak of Mt Bromo.

After satisfied to enjoy nice view in Mt. Bromo and around at at 08:00, we will escort you back to the hotel for having breakfast, take shower, packing, loading bags into the vehicle and then transfer you bak to Surabaya. It take about 3-4 hours driving & it depend on the trafick jam. our tour service complete.

Mount Bromo Milky Way (Optional Tour)

If the weather is good enough, you will have a chance to do Bromo Milky Way Tour/Mount Bromo Stargazing Tour in Bromo area. This trip will be begun at midnight time from your hotel in Bromo (around at 1:00 am) and we will use 4WD vehicle or jeep to reach the place which is best point to see Milky Way in Mount Bromo area. If you are interested to do this trip, you are required to inform us in advance & there will be extra cost to do this optional tour program

Bromo Travel Guide

Need More Information On Mount Bromo? When is the best time to visit? Things to do? etc. Read trought Bromo Travel Guide and get answered.

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