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Garuda Wisata Indonesia Tour And Services is an travel agency which offer best price for Bromo Tour, Ijen Crater Tour & Bromo Ijen Tour with details tour packages for your Holiday. And Java Volcano Tours is our brand name.

Who we are..?

We are local tour organizer and ground agent for special interest journey in cultural, social and nature exploration who try to carry out more responsible tourism. Our working area covers Indonesia Archipelago including, Java and Bali, and several Indonesia’s remote islands.

How we travel..?
You have to be fully aware that this is a tour arranged to be flexible. The flexibility gives you fair possibilities to adjust the tour to personal interests, have a word in planning it and possibly leave some room for the slight uncertainty, something that is a precondition for thrill or adventure. But here can also be problems, since we can never guarantee that all booked transports, hotels etc will be exactly as it is planned, especially when traveling in the eastern part of Indonesia. Travelling can be strenuous at times. All travelers have to be aware of these circumstances of this tour and to accept them.

The standard you are use to in your home country will not be kept on this tour. You stay at modest hotels although not the cheapest one could be found. It is not our aim to arrange the ultimately cheap tours, but more to travel in a reasonable way in order to penetrate the local culture and get in touch with local people in a natural way. However, base on request and as long as available in our destination, we can also arrange for staying at more comfortable accommodation.

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