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1 Day Bromo Tour

1 Day Bromo Tour is Bromo tour to visit Bromo in one day tour, from Surabaya, without stay overnight at any hotel in Bromo area, 1 Day Bromo Tour start from Juanda Surabaya Airport or from your hotels where you stay overnight at Surabaya, also from train Station in Surabaya. Bromo One Day Tour is suitable tour/trip for the people who have no much time in Surabaya, or visit Bromo and without sunrise in Bromo .

1 day bromo tour - 1 Day Bromo Tour

Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo, one of the top travel destinations in East Java Indonesia, is an active volcano situated in a surreal but spectacular massive caldera. While very busy with tourists, almost to the point of being a put-off at the sunrise viewpoints, it is definitely still worth a visit. The active volcano sits inside the gargantuan Tengger caldera – with a total diameter of around 10 km – and is surrounded by the Laut Pasir (Sea of Sand) that’s made up of fine volcanic sand. The overall setting is a sight to see – serene and beautifully other-wordly in stark comparison to the lush green valleys that surround the caldera.

1 Day Bromo Tour Itinerary

During your tour in day time we still could enjoy the beauty of Bromo and visit Mt Bromo as normally and Bromo Day Tour Package organized on clients request and by depart in the morning at 07.00 from your hotel in Surabaya and go back in evening at 18.00 to Surabaya .

07:00 Am Our staff will pick you up from any place in Surabaya, Malang or Probolinggo hotel, train station or airport. We will drive directly to Cemoro Lawang Village Bromo (The village at rim of Mt Bromo Area) which is well known as the most widest caldera in Indonesia (with 8 x 5 KM diameters of the rim caldera on the height of 2000 meters above sea level). 3-4 hours driving and it depend on the trafic jam.

bromo tour - 1 Day Bromo Tour

10.00 we arrivel at Cemoro Lawang village then 4WD jeep will bring us to Mount Penanjakan by passing through the sea of sand. Mt Pananjakan Peaks is the most fantastic panoramic view of Mt. Bromo and Mt Semeru on the 2600 meters above sea levels. Do not forget to take photo and enjoy bromo landscapes

12.00 4WD jeep will bring you down the hill and passing through the Sand Sea (Lautan Pasir). then from there you will trek mt bromo with climb up 250 steps into the peak of Mt. Bromo to see the crater. Enjoy amazing of Mount Bromo Crater Lake.

13.30 After satisfied we will be back to cemoro lawang village then we will transfer you back to Surabaya, going back to Surabaya that need approximately 3,5 hours driving.

17.00 Transfer to hotel, airport or train station in Surabaya. Tour services finish.

Bromo Travel Guide

Need More Information On Mount Bromo? When is the best time to visit? Things to do? etc. Read trought Bromo Travel Guide and get answered.

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