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Probolinggo Bromo Ijen Bali Tour Package

mount bromo sunrise tour package surabaya - Probolinggo Bromo Ijen Bali Tour Package

Probolinggo Bromo Ijen Tour is one best Mount Bromo and Ijen Volcano Tour Package option for visitor who want to have holiday on Mount Bromo and Kawah Ijen. Travelers usually start the trip from Yogyakarta by train to Probolinggo Train Station and then continue the to To Mount Bromo  to Kawah Ijen and Finish in Ketapang Port East Java to Gilimanuk Port Bali Island. Book Mount Bromo Ijen Tour from Probolinggo / Probolinggo Bromo Ijen Tour Package with GWI TOUR & the discount.

Mount Bromo and Kawah Ijen Tour

Ijen Tour - Probolinggo Bromo Ijen Bali Tour Package

Mount Bromo and Mount Ijen are 2 stunning active volcanoes in East Java, Indonesia. A multiday tour to go these amazing volcanoes is an adventure not to be missed when traveling to East Java Indonesia. 

Where is Mount Bromo And Mount Ijen?

probolinggo bromo ijen tour - Probolinggo Bromo Ijen Bali Tour Package

Mount Bromo and Mount Ijen Volcano are located in East Java, Indonesia, Mount Bromo is located in Probolinggo Regency and Kawah Ijen Volcano is located in Banyuwangi Regency near of Bali Island (1 Hour by ferry).

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Probolinggo Bromo Ijen Bali Tour

Mount Bromo Ijen Tour 3 Days on Java is a great volcano adventure tour, starting from from Probolinggo to Mt Bromo to Ijen and Finish in Bali or Back to the west Surabaya, Malang or Probolinggo, that will bring you to the amazing Bromo and Mount Ijen volcanoes, as well as the fantastic Blue Lava Volcano Kawah Ijen

Mount Bromo Ijen Tour Pacakge Overviews

Bali Bromo Ijen Tour - Probolinggo Bromo Ijen Bali Tour Package

This tour is suitable for solo travelers, friends, families, co-workers, and lovers. For three days and two nights you will learn about the local culture and have the chance to visit typical Javanese villages, tour coffee plantations and taste the traditional local food and experience the incredible beauty of the surroundings. Start your Bromo Ijen Tour from Probolinggo and get your amazing holiday.

Probolinggo Bromo Ijen Tour Itinerary

Bromo Transport - Probolinggo Bromo Ijen Bali Tour Package

Mount Bromo Tour from Probolinggo will start from probolinggo train station then to Bromo Hotel on day 1, day 2 we will do Bromo sunrise tour, threk the volcano and explore the sea sand of Mt Bromo. And then the trip will continue to Banyuwangi Hotel/Homestay, we will stay overnight there and then on day 3 we will explore Kawah Ijen Volcano and see the stunning Blue Lava with amzing landcape of Kawah Ijen for the summit. The detail Probolinggo Bromo Ijen Tour Itinerey below:

Day 1: Mount Bromo to Hotel/Homestay Near Mt Bromo

  • Probolinggo to Mount Bromo Hotel/Homestay – The Mount Bromo Ijen tour team will pick you up at Probolinggo train Station or Bayu Angga Bus Station, usually our customers take train tickets from Surabaya or Yogyakarta.
  • After meeting with our team and saying hello, we can go directly our hotel/homestay in Bromo area. It takes about 1-1.5 hours by car driving.
  • Enjoy lunch and a short break at a local restaurant near the town of Probolingo. When you arrive at Bromo Semeru National Park, free program & next day we explore Mount Bromo.

Day 2: Mount Bromo Tour – Hotel/Homestay Kawah Ijen

bromo sunrise viewpoint - Probolinggo Bromo Ijen Bali Tour Package

  • Mount Bromo Tour & Trip start At 3.00 am, leave the Hotel/Homestay in a Jeep 4WD with a driver and guide to the Bromo viewpoint (King Kong View) on the top of the caldera of the Bromo volcano.

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  • Upon arrival you will see a stunning sunrise over the valley of volcanoes, Mount Bromo is 2300m, Mount Batok is 2400m, and Semeru volcano is 3670m.
  • After this, we will take a drive in the Jeep 4WD to the foothills of Mt Bromo to make the ascent to the summit of the crater.
  • It takes about 30 minutes to trek to the crater rim of Mt Bromo and here you can walk the rim to several viewpoints overlooking the vast valley and into the depths of the Bromo crater.
  • Before Drive back to the hotel, do not foreget to take some photos on the sea of sand Bromo with clasic 4 wd jeep.
  • Take a shower, packing & have breakfast at the hotel/homestay then Depart Bromo Hotel around 11 am for 3 hours of driving and then stopping for lunch, Javanese and Indonesian food. Drive a further 2 hours 30 minutes to hotel/homestay in Banyuwangi.
  • It is necessary to take a good rest here because the departure from the hotel is scheduled for 01:00 pm start the trip to Ijen.

Probolinggo Bromo Ijen Bali Tour is one good option for travelers who has not much day to explore Java Indonesia, Mount Bromo Ijen Tour From Probolinggo 3 Days 2 Nights Java Bali Overland Tours. 

Day 3: Mount Ijen Tour, Trek & Explore Blue Fire- Bali

kawah Ijen Volcano Blue Lava - Probolinggo Bromo Ijen Bali Tour Package

  • Ijen Blue Fire Tour & Trip early start, Leave the hotel/homestay in the mpv family car for a 1 hour drive through the coffee plantations and the forest and arrive at the paltuding (base camp of Kawah Ijen (Paltuding) at 1900 meters above sea level.
  • At 2 am a Ijen professional guide will lead you to the tsummit of the crater of Kawah Ijen volcano.
  • It is approximately a 1 hour and 30 minutes hike, the first hour is moderately challenging then the rest is easy.
  • Once you make it to the summit of Kawah Ijen Volcano you can descend into the crater of Ijen volcano to discover nature’s miracle and the famous blue fire/blue lava of Kawah Ijen.
  • We provide a gas mask/respirator to protect you from possible explosions of sulfur smoke. Because the sulfuric gas is verry strong at the crater, we suggest you not to stay too much longer and then hike back to the top of the crater rim and watch the sunrise over the largest acidic lake in the world.

bromo ijen - Probolinggo Bromo Ijen Bali Tour Package

  • Watching the sunrise from the Ijen crater is an unforgettable moment and one of the best sunrises in East Java over the volcano.
  • Inside the crater of Mount Ijen is a sulfur mine in which you’ll see the neighborhood employees exploiting the sulfur. You will witness the massive braveness and tough exertions of those men (miners and bearers) who stay via way of means of the extraction of this sulfur that is used for pharmacology and cosmetology.
  • At around 7 am start the 1 hour hike back down to the Paltuding (base camp) and drive for 25 minutes to a warung to enjoy a coffee or tea.
  • The last leg of the trip is a 1.5 hours drive back to Ketapang Ferry Port in Banyuwangi (Java to Bali)
  • From Gillimanuk (Bali West Ferry Port),  the drive is around 4 -5 hours to the drop-off point Ubud, Sanur, Kuta or Denpasar and this will be the end of the Mount Bromo and Mount Ijen Package (Mount Bromo Ijen Tour From Probolinggo Finish in Bali).

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Mount Bromo & Ijen Crater (FAQ)

Need more information on Ijen Crater & Mt Bromo? (Best time to visit, how to get there, accommodation and thing to do before trek the Volcano) Read the details Mount Bromo Travel Guide & Ijen Crater Travel Guide  get them answered!

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