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Ijen Tour From Banyuwangi

Ijen Tour - Ijen Tour From Banyuwangi

Ijen Tour Banyuwangi / Mount Ijen Tour From Banyuwangi. Visit Mount Ijen Crater Tour From Banyuwangi to see Blue Fire, It is also known as Ijen Blue Fire or Ijen Blue Flame. Ijen Blue Fire Tour Package from Banyuwangi start and finish in Banyuwangi. Kawah Ijen Volcano Tour From Banyuwangi will start from your Hotel/Train Station or Aiport in Banyuwangi then we will drive you to hotel and the next morning day at 00:30 Am we will start Ijen tour from Banyuwangi for Ijen Volcano Hike.

Mount Kawah Ijen Volcano

ijen tour banyuwangi - Ijen Tour From Banyuwangi

Mount Ijen or Ijen Crater or Ijen Plateau or known to Indonesians as Kawah Ijen is one of the best volcano in Indonesia to be visited. This active crater of 134 sq km has a landscape of volcanic cones of both Mount Ijen/Ijen Crater and Mount Merapi (not to be confused with the famous Mount Merapi in Central Java).

In one day the volcano produces around 60 tons of sulphur that is collected around 300 local people work here (Ijen Sulfur Mining). The miners carry the sulfur rocks from the Crater down to the post in bamboo baskets miner carries sulfur with load 60kg to 80kg.

This is far from an easy taskAround the last of 2016 some sulfur miners made modification, they use push cart for carrying Sulphur , that only from the top to paltuding (name of parking area) from crater hole to the top of mount sulphur miners still use bamboo baskets. At this moment sulphur miners learn english and some of them change their job a a local tour guide, it’s much easier job than carry the sulphur for the factory.

Mount Ijen Tour From Banyuwangi

Blue Fire Ijen Volcano Java Indonesia - Ijen Tour From Banyuwangi

Mount Ijen Tour From Banyuwangi is one best option to visit Mount Ijen Crater. The Ijen Crater Tour & Trek is an excellent enjoy and with an professional guide, you may have a superb time. Ijen Volcano Tour From Banyuwangi is one of the greatest tours you may pre-book on-line and includes inn pick-up and drop-off from the city of Banyuwangi (where all people stays before Ijen). Here is a few facts about what’s covered in the Mt Ijen tour from Banyuwangi Java Indonesia.

Banyuwangi To Ijen Tour

Bromo Transport - Ijen Tour From Banyuwangi

Mount Ijen Tour From Banyuwangi Team will pick you up from your accommodation/hotel/homestay in Banyuwangi at midnight. The adventure to Mount Ijen Crater will take approximately one and half hours / 15. hours. Then the hike to the Ijen Crater viewpoint takes 90-130 mins from the foot of the path, which leads you to the summit.

Ijen Blue Fire Trekking Tour

Ijen Blue Fire Tour Package Indonesia - Ijen Tour From Banyuwangi

See the magic of the Ijen’s mesmerizing blue flame on a 8 hours evening, hiking tour of Kawah Ijen volcano from Banyuwangi. Alongside your Ijen Tour Guide, you will ascend to the top of the kawah Ijen volcano under the atmospheric cloak of darkness. Amid the billowing smoke of the sulphur mines, you will witness the natural and stunning phenomenon of the blue fire and see miners bring back-breaking loads of sulfur up the steep crater. When the sun rises, gaze upon the vivid, turquoise Mt ijen crater lake before you come back on your hotel. All protection equipment is supplied in this trip.

On a clear day, you may whatch the mystical blue fire, that is a really unique adventure and experience trip. After witnessing the beautiful blue flames from the viewpoint, continue to catch the stunning sunrise over the biggest acid lake on Java Island, known as Ijen’s Crater Lake. Mt ijen tour from banyuwangi almost done, on the way returned to the car park (Paltuding), appreciate the local miners carrying sulfur rock as a part of their every day hard life to continue fulfilling their own circle of relatives bread and butter.

After 1 hour going down to the park, you will get to paltuding (car park ijen ) at around 8:00 am. On the way back you may stop at the coffee and cloves plantation and jagir waterfall on the way back to your hotel, which you will reach around 9:00 AM, Mount Ijen Tour From Banyuwangi Finish.

Ijen Tour Packages From Banyuwangi

Departure Point Travelers, pickup is offered. we are pick up any guests from all accommodation in Banyuwangi city, Ketapang ferry port and Blimbingsari Airport in Banyuwangi. We need to get clearly address and name of your placestay. Mount Ijen Blue FIre Tour From Banyuwangi Departure Time 00:30 AM

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bromo travel guide 300x200 - Ijen Tour From Banyuwangi

Itinerary Ijen Blue Fire Tour From Banyuwangi

  • 01:00 Am: Our team will pick you up from your hotel in Banyuwangi area and our vehicle transfer you to Paltuding (Ijen Base Camp/Parking Areas)
  • 02:00 Am: Start to trekk Mt Ijen, It takes about 3 km to the summit.
  • 03:30 Am: From the top, we will walk down to the crater to see the Blue
  • Fire on the crater. (Distance from the summit to crater down is around 600 meters, but the way to get there is zigzag the total can be 1 kilo meters).

Tips: By the time you arrive at the crater, we suggest you do not stay to much longer. After you get some pictures of Blue Flame in the sulfuric gass which is making us hard to breath and bit dangers for health.

  • 04:15 Am: We return back to the summit of Ijen and then continue to visit sunrise point (1 km walk up to the location)
  • 05.30 Am: Watch the incredible sunrise from the top of the volcano of Kawah Ijen
  • 06:30 Am: Back to the paltuding
  • 08:30 Am: Breakfast!
  • 09:00 Am: Back to the Hotel in Banyuwangi (You may visit Jagir Waterfall Banyuwangi during on the way back to the Hotel)


  1. Private car to Ijen Crater
  2. Experience Driver
  3. English speaking Guide
  4. Entrance fee ticket to Ijen
  5. Gas masks & headlamps
  6. Mineral water
  7. Petrol, fee parking, & donation


  1. Personal Expenses
  2. Travel Insurance

Times and attractions can usually be customized to fit requests, and remember exact timings can change due to local conditions. As you can see, the tour involves a very early wake-up call but trust me, it will be so worth it when you are witnessing the most spectacular sunrise you’ve ever seen!

Fyi: The tour above is private tour which is more confortable for your enyoable holiday. We also provide Ijen share tour (Ijen Tour On Budget) as below:

Ijen Tour On Budget Price : IDR  / Pax

Inclusion of Ijen Tour From Banyuwangi:

  • Sharing car to Ijen Crater
  • A well-experienced driver
  • Gass and parking fee
  • Entrance ticket
  • An English speaking guide
  • Gas masks
  • Headlamp
  • Mineral water


  • Personal Expanses
  • Travel Insurance

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Hope Mount Ijen Tour From Banyuwangi article will help you before you plan to visit Mount Ijen Volcano / Kawah Ijen Volcano. For more information about Mount Bromo and Mount IjenTour Package & Transport, you may contact us via email: or call/whatsapp us on +62 822 3259 9093, Book Mount Ijen Tour From Banyuwangi now and get the discount.

Mount Bromo & Ijen Crater (FAQ)

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