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Mount Ijen Tour From Bali

mount ijen tour bali - Mount Ijen Tour From Bali

Ijen Tour From Bali / Mount Ijen Tour Package From Bali, observe the Blue fire or Blue Flame of Ijen Crater throughout a guided  trek on Mt Ijen. Start from Bali to Ijen by ferry to Banyuwangi (The town of Kawah Ijen Volcano Located), this Mt Ijen Tour From Bali overnight excursion brings you to East Java late at midnight to begin your predawn hike to the summit. Witness this extraordinary phenomenon in the darkness and later be treated to excellent views inside Ijen Crater, From Bali to Mount Ijen and return Back to Bali or somewhere in Java indonesia such as Surabaya, Malang or Yogyakarta by Mount Bromo Tour From Bali amazing trip.

Expedition Mount Ijen Tour From Bali, do not  forget to bring the camera before visit Mount Kawah Ijen Volcano Indonesia to capture the sight and meet local sulphur miners that toil on the mountain. Numbers are limited to ensure a small group experience. Mount Ijen trekking trip in East Java, lead by a local Ijen Tour Guide depart Bali by ferry and hike to Mount Ijen Crater before dawn see sulphur miners and see the crater’s blue Flame drop-off from hotels in Bali. Kawah Ijen Tour From Bali, the ijen trip start and finish in Bali or Surabaya, Malang, Yogyakarta or Mount Bromo. Bali to mount ijen

Mount Ijen Volcano Indonesia

mount ijen volcano tour indonesia - Mount Ijen Tour From Bali

Mount Ijen or Kawah Ijen Volcano, pleasant journey destionation in East Java Inonesia. If you are trying to be blown away, we recommend reserving a Mount Ijen Tour. Also called the Kawah Ijen Volcano or Ijen Crater, it truly is spectacular, providing the biggest acid lake in the world and the best natural ‘blue flame or well-known as Ijen Blue Fire’ on the world! Here’s the whole thing you need to know before you go to Mount Ijen Volcano Indonesia.

Mount Ijen Volcano is actually located in Banyuwangi East Java Indonesia, away from the hustle and bustle of central Jakarta, Surabaya or Bali/Mount Ijen Tour from Bali. The nearest International Airport to Ijen is Surabaya and there is national Airport in Banyuwangi, so you can fly from Surabaya to Banyuwangi. but you may desire to fly there and stay in the location for some days before and after finishing your hike.

Ijen Tour - Mount Ijen Tour From Bali

Java island is very exciting island, it’s charm and why many vacationer or travelers love it a lot but it’s far actually something to keep in mind while planning a tour to Mount Ijen. It’s actually fairly easy to drive to Java directly from Bali, Bali to Ijen (via ferry) and lots of tours will pick you up directly from your inn in Bali to Mount Ijen tour consists of pick up from your hotel/Airport. Read more Ijen Travel Guide Here:

Bali To Mount Ijen

Bali Ijen Tour - Mount Ijen Tour From Bali

Ijen Tour From Bali to See the well-known blue flame of Mount Ijen Volcano on an overnight Ijen Crater Tour from Bali. Hike thru the rainforest of Banyuwangi East Java and get the chance to see into the volcano. Day 1:  we are able to select out you up from Bali, day  2: Start the blue fire tour on Ijen and drive back to Bali Island.

Ijen Trip From Bali

Yogyakarta Bromo Ijen Tour - Mount Ijen Tour From Bali

Our team will pick you up from your hotel in Bali Island, and then travel to the westernmost tip to catch the ferry to Java from Gilimanuk Ferry Port Bali to Ketapang Ferry Port Banyuwangi East Java Indonesia. Upon arrival at Ketapang port in Banyuwangi, We will travel by 4WD vehicle to the village of Tamansari – Licin and drive through a rainforest of giant ferns and trees on the slopes of Mount Ijen to the Paltuding, Mount Ijen Tour from Bali is one best option to visit Kawah Ijen Volcano for Ijen Blue Fire Tour.

Paltuding To Mt Ijen Summit

ijen base camp paltuding - Mount Ijen Tour From Bali

Hike to the summit off ijen to look into the crater and stunning at the blue flame of the Ijen volcano under a canopy of stars. Get a amazing landscape of the sulfur lake and surrounding views in the morning. And then we will return to the basecamp of Ijen (Paltuding) to enjoy breakfast at a local Warung / Local Restaurant before We drive back to the Bali Island, Ijen Crater Tour Finish.

Fyi: The drive will take about 7-8 hours, depending on your exact location in Bali.

Ijen Tour From Surabaya

Surabaya to Mt Bromo and Ijen - Mount Ijen Tour From Bali

From surabaya, arrive at 7am-8am, we will drive to sempol-bondowoso and check in at Catimor Home Stay or Banyuwangi.

At 1am – 2am, start to drive to paltuding post (ijen hikking g starting point) and start you ijen blue fire tour. will be arrive back to the starting point around 6-7am. drive back to surabaya and will be arrive around 3-4 pm.

Note: Try to find an early flight to reach surabaya and a late flight to go back. just in case there will be some traffic jam.

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Best Time To Visit Mount Ijen

Mount Bromo Sunrise - Mount Ijen Tour From Bali

In terms of when to go, the great time to visit Mount Ijen Volcano is on the dry season is April to October. This might be the great time of yr however it’s also the busiest so you may consider going outside of those months. To be honest, it’s perfectly nice to visit all year round.

Mount Ijen Blue Fire

kawah Ijen Volcano Blue Lava - Mount Ijen Tour From Bali

Mount Ijen Volcano is actually a well known sulfur mining site. you’ll see several miners carrying heavy loads between sixty and ninety kg, all the way up to the crater. The blue fire Ijen Crater derives from the mining activity and is lit sulfuric gas, that emerges from cracks.

Blue Fire Mount Ijen

ijen blue fire - Mount Ijen Tour From Bali

Blue fire Mount Ijen Volcano is an electrical blue flame that seems from the combustion of sulphuric gases. The gases emerge from cracks in the volcano at high pressure and temperature of up to 1,112°F (600°C). Igniting when they come in contact with air. The Ijen blue flames will reach up to sixteen feet (5 meters) high.

Mount Ijen Hike Difficulty

bromo ijen - Mount Ijen Tour From Bali

The trek up Mount Ijen and down into its caldera takes much less than 2 hours on average. It does not require unique equipment or training however not like other visitor-pleasant locations, this trek may be a piece of a challenge considering it’s also an active mine with approximately three hundred guys operating to mine sulphur in the early hours of the morning along the narrow path which is also pretty steep. There are  parts to the path the uphill path from Paltidung, while steep and jagged in places, is easy to follow. The extra tough segment is descending into the crater itself.

Mount Ijen Tour Package  Indonesia

Ijen Blue Fire Tour Package Indonesia - Mount Ijen Tour From Bali

Mount Ijen Crater is a mining crater for sulfur miners, at day and at night time mining employees at Ijen Volcano are transporting huge chunks of sulfur. Sulfer is specifically used for skin care products and other porducts in Indonesia. Going into the Mt Ijen crater to whatch the blue fire or blue flame and additionally dawn over mt Ijen crater and is the purpose to go to Mount Ijen Crater. Kawah Ijen is one of the most acidic places in the world, right here is everything about Mount Ijen Tour Indonesia Start from Bali, Banyuwangi or Surabaya.

Itinerary Mount Ijen Tour From Bali 2D1N

Day 01 : Pick up from Bali (Ubud, Sanur, Kuta, Seminyak, Denpasar)

  • Mount Ijen Tour From Bali will begin from your hotel at 07:00 AM. Our crew will take you to the most western tip of Bali to reach Gilimanuk ferry port for approximately four hours by a private MPV Family car with AC.
  • Then from Gilimanuk port, we will take a ferry to cross Bali strait for approximately 1 hour to reach Ketapang ferry port Banyuwangi (East Java island).
  • On this tour, We will pass thru the agricultural landscapes of West Bali. Lunch will at nearby restaurant on the way. Upon arrival in Ketapang ferry port then continue to your Hotel in Banyuwangi, stay overnight for the next Ijen Tour tomorrow morning (Night Time)

Day 02 : Mount Ijen Tour To Bali

  • 00:30 AM (earlymorn), We will pick you up from your the hotel and then drive you to Paltuding or the base camp to start trekking Mount Ijen Volcano
  • 01:45 AM: Arrive at Paltuding to get a permit for the trek Mount Ijen
  • 02:00: Start hiking Mount Ijen Volcano, The first kilometer isn’t always too hard. The trail is moderately huge and flat with a few shrubbery along the sides.


The 2d kilometer is the most tough in terms of the terrain as well as the incline and through then the vegetation offers way to barren rocks.

The third kilometer is again a moderate climb. But add in the darkness, the slim path and the (at times) long line of travelers as well as miners and it will become bit easy to get separated from your group.

You also probably to start smelling the sulphur in the air early on in the trek as well as sense a few stinging in the eyes. The accurate information is that there’s only a single path this is actually marked out so that you have to be able to catch up with your group quickly enough.

  • 03:15 AM: Begin walking down into the Ijen volcano once you’re at the summit of Ijen crater. There’s a descent of approximately 800 meters into the crater lake itself. There’re handrails for support in a few stretches however not all.

You may also need to hold on to rock surfaces round you. The sulphur gas/fumes from the active volcano underneath also extra intense now and that’s where you actually need to be carefull so you aren’t beaten by the toxic fumes. At a few factor your tour guide will provide you gas mask for protection.

  • 04:00: If you get to the source of the sulphuror at the crater of Mt Ijen before sun rise, watch (Blue Fire) the blue sulphur flames shooting up. You may be some one hundred metres from the edge of the biggest acidic crater lake in the world, as sulphur vapours and moton sulphur pour out of the crater round you. We suggest you not to stay too much longer at the crater, it is not good and too danger
  • 05:30 AM: See the sunrise from Mt Ijen Summit, and start your walk back up along the inside of the crater edge, and back to Paltidung.
  • 08:00: Arrive back at Paltidung.

Itinerary Mount Ijen Tour From Bali By Night

Blue Fire Ijen Volcano Java Indonesia - Mount Ijen Tour From Bali

Mount Ijen Tour From Bali 1 Day Tour By Night, Only 1 day tour 1 nigh tour you can explore mount ijen. Tour will start at 06:30 Pm and finish in the 06:00 Pm Bali time. Bali Ijen Bali 1 day Tour / Ijen Blue Fire Tour Package From Bali.

  • 06.30 – 07.00 PM: We will pick you up from your Hotel in Bali (Kuta, Nusa Dua, Sanur, Ubud)
  • 07.00 – 11.00 PM: Head to Gilimanuk ferry port Bali
  • 11.00 PM – 01.00 PM: Crossing the strait to Ketapang ferry port of Banyuwangi
  • 01.00 AM – I2:00 AM: Trek Mt Ijen and Enjoy The Blue Fire, Craterlake and Sunrise View Over Mt Ijen
  • 06.00 AM – 07:00 PM: Back to Parking Have a Breakfast and Go to Licin Village and slope of Mount Ijen & Return to Hotel in Bali

Mount Ijen Tour Price From Bali


  1.     Tax & Service
  2.     Private full AC transport
  3.     English speaking driver
  4.     English Local Guide
  5.     Breakfast at Restaurant
  6.     Petrol, fee parking & donation


  1. Entrance fee Ticket to Ijen Crater
  2. Meals (lunch & dinner)
  3. Personal Expenses
  4. Travel Insurance

Mount Ijen Entrance Fee

Locals pay IDR 5,000 on weekdays and IDR 7,500 on weekends. Foreigners pay IDR 100,000 on weekdays and IDR 150,000 on weekends.

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Hope Mount Ijen Tour From Bali article will help you before you plan to visit Mount Ijen Volcano / Kawah Ijen Volcano. For more information about Mount Bromo and Mount IjenTour Package & Transport, you may contact us via email: or call/whatsapp us on +62 822 3259 9093, Book Mount Ijen Tour From Bali now and get the discount.

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