Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour Package Surabaya

mount bromo sunrise tour package surabaya - Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour Package Surabaya

Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour Package | Watching sunrise on Mount Bromo is a sight you will never forget, It’s really impressive and beautiful. For the number of people who regularly come to see you every morning, it is undeniable. Mount Bromo is one of the most famous volcanoes in Indonesia, Indonesia is a country with many volcanoes. In this Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour Package article, we will share our feeling of witnessing at sunrise in Mt. Bromo as well as what to wear, how to book a Jeep ride, and tips for escaping the crowds. let’s check the detail article of Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour Package below.

Mount Bromo Sunrise Indonesia

bromo sunrise viewpoint - Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour Package Surabaya

Mount Bromo Sunrise Java Indonesia is The best volcanic destination to see sunrise in Indonesia. Mount Bromo volcano is set in a surreal yet fascinating area, that is very busy with tourists but is worth a visit from sunrise to sunset. 

Mount Bromo’s active volcano lives within a huge Tenger caldera, is about 10 km wide and is surrounded by Laut Pasir (Mount Bromo Sea of sand), made of fine sand of volcanic sand. Quiet and beautiful compared to the lush valleys surrounding the The caldera.

A case of problems is that tourist jeep is already driving in the sandy sea from night to sunrise. Mount penanjakan viewpoint, where View Point 1 is located, stands the most popular sunrise spot.

Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour

Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour Package From Surabaya - Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour Package Surabaya

Hike the Penanjakan Bromo in time to catch the Bromo Sunrise Tour It takes about 1-2 hours of walking to the first point of view. Bromo Sunrise comes up at 5:00 AM. Therefore, you generally need to plan when to start walking based on your fitness level Hike down Mount Penanjakan and up to Mount Bromo. Here you can hike down and then through 3km Sea Of Sand Bromo and then up to the top of the bromo caldera  Again, it takes about 1 to 2 hours depending on your fitness level.

Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour Package

Bromo Sunrise Tour Package From Surabaya - Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour Package Surabaya

The Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour package by 4×4 Jeep is one of the recommended Mount Bromo tours, You can arrange a 4WD jeep to pick you up and then drive you from your hotel to the Mount Bromo Sunrise viewpoint You can arrange tours from most nearby cities such as Surabaya, Surabaya and Problingo.

How To Get to Mount Bromo?

The three cities that are closest to Mount Bromo are cities that you will likely need to travel through during your time on the island. They are therefore a good base if you want to visit this legendary volcano.

  1.  Malang: 3+ hours drive 
  2. Probolinggo: 1.5 hours drive
  3. Surabaya : 2.5 – 3 hours drive

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Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour From Surabaya

Sunrise Tour Package on Bromo Mountain From Surabaya, The nearest main airport is in Surabaya, 3-4 hours away by car. Surabaya operates well with regular domestic flights departing from Jakarta, Bali and some other countries in Asia. Private cars can be arranged in our tour service.

Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour From Malang

Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour Package From Malang For visitors coming from outside the island of Java. Surabaya and Malang are the most convenient airports, I personally prefer Surabaya It is one of the main cities in Indonesia and therefore more flights, especially international ones, are available.

Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour From Probolinggo

Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour Package From Probolinggo,  It is the closest city to Mount Bromo. The distance from Surabaya Airport to Mount Bromo National Park is approximately 70 km and the time is approximately 4 hours, due to heavy traffic and congestion. On the way you will pass the town of Probolinggo, which is where most backpackers usually share a transport to get to Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. Or take a full overnight sunrise tour from Surabaya to Mt Bromo and back.

Mt Bromo Sunrise Hike

Bali Bromo Ijen Tour - Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour Package Surabaya

Mount Bromo Sunrise Hike from Cemoro Lawang village, The most popular option for tourists who wish to hike. Mount Bromo lies in the nearby village of Cemoro Lawang. From Cemoro Lawang village there are well-marked paths that will take you less than an hour to walk up Mount Bromo.

To get to Mount Bromo, simply take the left fork at the lonely intersection of Cemoro Lawang, then take the ramp down to the caldera and then across the caldera to the Hindu temple (Poten Temple) at the foot of the mountain. a steep path with 250 concrete steps to the edge of Mount Bromo crater. It is a great walk to the crater, but if you don’t want to walk, many of the village’s locals offer horseback rides. IDR 150,000 , and a one-time return trip costs IDR 75,000.

Mount Bromo Sunrise Time

Note that views of the ethereal landscape of Mount Bromo are best just as the sun rises. Mount Bromo Sunrise occurs around 5:00 AM, which means you will have to get up at 3:00 AM. to walk to the observation point on time, and it is very cold on Mount Bromo Sunrise Viewpoint, so be sure to dress warmly.

Gunung Bromo Sunrise View Point

mount bromo sunrise - Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour Package Surabaya

Don’t forget to bring your jacket, long pants, gloves, hat, and other private medication as the temperature will be high before watching the sunrise over Mount Bromo. It’s very chalenging activity For Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour Pacakges in the early moning or the Bromo Sunrise Photography at Volcano Peak is incredibly cold.

Best Spots for see Bromo sunrise over Mount Bromo

  1. Bukit Mentingen or Mentigen Hill or Seruni Wievoint Bromo
    Bukit Mentigen Hill Bromo Sunrsei View Point Tour Packages - Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour Package Surabaya

    Bukit Mentingen or seruni viewpoint Bromo is located at 2,200 meters  above sea level, on the high peak at the northen side of lava view Lodge Hotel. Seruni Wievoint hill Mt Bromo usually used as a campground, since there’s a large area proper for star trails or star gazing
  2. Bukit Penanjakan 1 or Mount Pananjakan View Point 1 (the highest peak in Mt Bromo).
    Bukit Penanjakan Hill Bromo Bromo Sunrise Tour Bromo Milky Way - Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour Package Surabaya

    Gunung / Bukit Penanjakan or Penanjakan Viewpoint 1 is located on the north side of Mount Bromo Caldera. This place is a popular place for sunrises and main travel destinations in Mount Bromo, since Penanjakan 1 is the highest vantage point for observing the Bromo volcanic crater sunrise panorama. For your information At the highest points of Mount Penanjakan 1 there is no place to camp like in Bukit Mentingen or Agrowulan, only small warung that local grocery stores serve and hot drinks like tea or hot coffee. Also Read about Best Spots for Looking at the Milky Way galaxy over Mount Bromo

Once you have paid your entrance fees at the Medallion Bromo and entered the Bromo National Park, you will quickly realize how popular this place is. As you head towards King Kong Hill, lots of 4WD jeeps literally line both sides of the road – it’s insane.

Now. you’re left with many options for your sunrise Click here.

Best Time To Visit Mount Bromo For Sunrise & Milky Way

mount bromo milky way tour - Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour Package Surabaya

The best time to visit Mount Bromo for Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour Package Surabaya, Malang or Probolinggo is between April and October, as it is the dry season. Walking and hiking Mount Bromo for Sunrise at this time of year is much easier than during the rainy season.

I recommend traveling the Mount Bromo at sunrise for some truly spectacular Sunrise and Milky Way views. you are entitled to a good sunrise, bright colors will light up the sky to give you a breathtaking stunning views of amazing landscape, with a little luck you may even see the Milky Way in the sky during the dry season.

Itinerary Bromo Sunrise Tour & Milky Way Tour

bromo tour 1 - Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour Package Surabaya

The general itinerary for Mount Bromo Surise Tour Packages Surabaya, hike & Tips, Before you visit Mount Bromo Volcano. Itinerary Bromo Sunrise Tour is also include other optional Mount Bromo Tour such as Milky Way Tour and Visiting Madakaripura Waterfall “during on the way to bromo hotel” or after bromo tour “during on the way back to Surabaya”, Do not forget to visit to the best photography spot for milky way over mount bromo Argowulan Milky Way Photography Spot

DAY 1 : Surabaya To Mount Bromo Hotel

    • Mount bromo Sunrise and milky way tour, We will pick you up from Surabaya Airport, Train satation or your Hotel in Surabaya.
    • The photography adventure start from Surabaya or Malang and takes around 3-4 hours to Hotel in Bromo, depending on the road conditions.
    • When you arrive in Cemoro Lawang village, check in the hotel and take a break to prepare for the astrophotography tour of the splendor of the night sky and landscape, rest and relax.

DAY 2 : Mount Bromo Milky way,  Mt Bromo sunrise Tour Return Surabaya

Mount Bromo Tour Packages - Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour Package Surabaya

  • Early Wake up at 11.00 pm and then prepare for the jeep tour. The Milky Way can be seen clearly from Penanjakan Hill, KingKong Hill, Love Hill, or Seruni Point, which have not much light interference. The best time for the Bromo Milkyway photography tour is from June to September. After hunting the stargazing over viewpoint Mount Bromo, we will enjoy amazing sun rise.
  • After that, after sunrise tour, get ready to continue the trip travel by our jeep in the direction of the Bromo or sea sand, when you reach the parking area, you can go on foot or by horse / pony (about 25 minutes). Horse / pony ride is optional.
  • Hike up 250 small stairs to reach the Bromo crater rim (about 15 minutes), return to Cemara Lawang around 8am.
  • The trip to Bromo is over and it’s time to get back to the hotel, have breakfast, pack your bags and get ready to take us back to Surabaya. The Mount Sunrise Tour Package Surabaya is finished.

Mount Bromo Tour (FAQ)

Need more information on Mount Bromo? (Best time to visit, how to get there, accommodation and thing to do before trek the Volcano) Read the details Mount Bromo Travel Guide & get them answered!

Hope Mount Bromo Surise Tour Packages Surabaya article help you before you plane to visit and see the The Bromo Sunrise over Mount Bromo. For more information about Mount Bromo Tour Package & Transport, you may contact us via or call/whatsapp us on +62 822 3259 9093

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