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Ijen Tour From Bali

Kawah Ijen or Mount Ijen Volcano Indonesia is located in Banyuwangi East Java Indonesia ear from Bali Island. Banyuwangi is at the easternmost tip of Java, and is best known for its ferry connection at Ketapang to Gilimanuk in Bali.

Kawah Ijen Volcano

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Ijen Crater or Ijen Plateau or known to Indonesians as Kawah Ijen, is one of the top recommended volcano in Indonesia to be visited. This active crater of 134 sq km has a landscape of volcanic cones of both Mount Ijen/Ijen Crater and Mount Merapi (not to be confused with the famous Mount Merapi in Central Java).

How To Get To Ijen From Bali

Tour to Ijen Crater from Bali is very easy. Here are the detail scedule Tour to Ijen Crater from bali by public transport.

  • Bus from Denpasar Bali to Gilimanuk is around IDR 100,000 rupiah per person.
  • Ferry from Gilimanuk to Ketapang Port Banyuwangi is around IDR 6,500 – IDR 10,000 rupiah per person

Actually the buss work is not regularly because a lot indonesian people has own vehicle so the local transport work depends on how many people availble on the buss, if they feel the buss are full of pasengers and they go.

Bali To Ijen Crater Banyuwangi

~ Kuta to Ubung (Bali Bus Terminal = by taxi (30 minutes)
~ Ubung (Denpasar) – Gilimanuk (ferry port) = by small bus (4 hours)
~ Ferry Ship (Gilimanuk to Ketapang) = 1,5 hours
~ Ketapang to Kawah Ijen (Paltuding) , 1-2 hours)

If you plan to travel to Bali after visiting Ijen, do not let you fool by the minivan and bus drivers who will hail you at the ferry terminal. Some of them usually offer touring to get to Gilimanuk with costly price, that’s why we suggest you to do the tour with travel agency. It’s based on my custumers experienced that use the public transports, some of the bad people trick them by giving expensive price for the trip to Ijen.

It’s easy to get a bus to Banyuwangi from Bali you only stopped three or four times along the way. The problems arrive in Banyuwangi as there are not many public transport available at noon to evening. The only way to get the Paltuding (Basecamp of Ijen) by Ojek (scooter taxi), where it is also not many available. But you do not worry about it, you may ask to local people.

The scooter taxi usualy will take you to the town of Jambu (The village near Kawah Ijen). The next problem in Jambu Village because there are no public transport to kawah ijen from there, because The road up to Kawah Ijen is bad and there are some places where you have to get off the motorcycle. If anyone goes through the same experience, do not go to Jambu. We suggest you to clearly clarify and make sure that the ojek will take you until paltuding not Jambu, it because not many local people around there could speak english well.

~ Banyuwangi to Jambu (17 km)
~ Jambu to Paltuding (17 Km)
~ Climb to Ijen Summit (3 Km)

Ijen Crater Tour From Bali By GWI Tour

We give you best alternative to visit Mount Ijen by our tour servises. Benefit from pick-up from your hotel in Bali, and then travel to the westernmost tip to catch the ferry to Java from Gilimanuk. Upon arrival at Ketapang port in Banyuwangi, travel by 4WD vehicle to the village of Licin and drive through a rainforest of giant ferns and trees on the slopes of Mount Ijen.

Ascend to the summit to look into the crater and marvel at the blue fires of the volcano under a canopy of stars. Get a panoramic view of the sulfur lake and surrounding landscape in the first light of day. Then, return to the base of the mountain to enjoy breakfast at a local restaurant before the drive back to the Bali.

Mount Ijen Crater Tour Itinerary

Here is the schedule for our Mount Ijen tour from Bali so you know what to expect:

05:00 Pm – 06:00 Pm : Our Private Car will pick you up at your the hotel (Denpasar, Ubud, Sanur or Kuta Bali).
11:00 Pm: Coffee Break at Rest Area Jambu Banyuwangi
01:00 Am: Drive to Paltuding (Parking Area Of Ijen).
02:00 Am: Start to trek Mt Ijen
04:00 Am: Experience the mesmerizing electric blue fire
05.30 Am: Watch the incredible sunrise from the top of the volcano of Kawah Ijen
06:30 Am: Back to the paltuding
08:30 Am: Breakfast!
09:00 Am: Back to the Hotel in Bali (You may visit Jagir Waterfall Banyuwangi during on the way back to Bali)
05:30 Pm: Arrive back at your hotel (exact time may vary depending on your location in Bali)

– Tax & service
– Private full AC transport
– English speaking driver
– English speaking guide (Ijen trekking)
– Breakfast at local restaurant
– Entrance fee ticket to Ijen crater
– Return ferry boat ticket (Bali – Java – Bali)
– Gas masks & headlamps (for trekking in Ijen)
– Petrol, fee parking, & donation

– Meals (lunch & dinner)
– Personal Expenses

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