Mount Bromo milky way Ijen Crater Tour

Mount Bromo Milky Way Ijen Crater Tour - Mount Bromo milky way Ijen Crater Tour
Mount Bromo milky way Ijen Crater Tour Package is the most popular photography tour package to camture beautiful and stunning Mount Bromo Milkyway and stargazing, Mt Bromo Sunrise and Kawh Ijen Crater BLUE fire photography by foreign and domestic visitors from all the world. The Milky Way Photography beginning at nighttime till end at around 05:00 AM and Ijen Blue fire Tour Package starting at midnight 01:00 Am midnight finish around 8:00 Am Morning. It’s recommended East Java Tour Mount Bromo milky way Ijen Crater Tour

The main activity of Mount Bromo milky way Ijen Crater Tour is watching Bromo Mountain at sunrise and each day there are a lot of people, largely Indonesians. There are some viewpoints, however the most ones are viewpoint 1 and viewpoint 2. Viewpoint 1 is also known as Kingkong hill and is the best viewpoint after penanjakan 1 or viewpoint 1. It’s the known one that attracts hundreds of people and most arrive here with 4wd jeeps. visitors arrive as early as 3 am morning and during holidays like the end of the ramadan while early as 2 AM . If you would like a good photography spot, be here before 3:30 Am in the morning. And the next trip is Kawah Ijen Tour where you have to wake up early 00.00 Am midnight to trek Mt Ijen to watch the Electrik Blue Lava At Crater Of Kawah Ijen Volcano Banyuwangi East Java Indonesia. Mount Bromo milky way Ijen Crater Tour is a perfect option for your volcano adventure in Indonesia.

Mount Bromo Ijen Crater Tour 3 Days

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Mount Bromo milky way Ijen Crater Tour 3 Days or Mount Bromo Ijen Crater Tour 3 Days Package is the combination of East Java tour package consists of the Milky Way photography from Pananjakan peak sunrise viewpoint/bromo milky way view point, and combined with the Ijen Crater Banyuwangi who involve the stunning of green acid lake inside the Ijen Crater lake, local miners activity taking sulfur from bottom of ijen crater, and yellowish sulfur stones at Ijen Crater.

Mount Bromo Tour East Java Indonesia

Mount Bromo Tour Packages - Mount Bromo milky way Ijen Crater Tour

Mount Bromo Tour Midnight

Mount Bromo Camping Tour - Mount Bromo milky way Ijen Crater Tour

Mount Bromo Tour at Night for stargazing, Night time is a perfect time to shoot Mt Bromo and lots of photographers aim to shoot Bromo with the milky way. I suggest you to use an application for you phone to set up your shots and determine the position of the milky Way. The season for the milky Way is Mart to Oct, however the first and last month it’s only visible for a few hours. The months in between are best.

Mount Bromo Milky Way Tour

mount bromo midnight tour - Mount Bromo milky way Ijen Crater Tour

Mount Bromo milky way Ijen Crater Tour specialis for Milky Way Bromo Expedition – Less than half the nights were perfect to shoot time lapses of the milky way Mt Bromo East Java Indoensia. of course you need a nice sky (or at least not too many clouds) for hours. For photos you’ll have some opportunities, however patience will be needed to search out the right moment.

During the clear nights, dew was during half the nights. Our lens usually will sometimes get wet within fifteen minutes. I think It’s not possible to do time lapses then, however you’ll be able to shoot some photos. To warm up your lens, hold it beneath your jacket for 5 minutes to 10 minutes. To avoid dew on our lens, you also can use some handwarmers or a get an electronic lens-warmer.

To shoot the milky way at Mount Bromo well you’ll need to shoot it at minimal moonlight. But since there are not any lights close to Bromo, you’ll have a tough time getting Bromo and the close volcanos in your shot with nice details.”Mount Bromo milky way Ijen Crater Tour Packges 3 days” It’s easier once you’re just doing photos, because you’ll be able to take some more longer exposures to capture many foreground details. If we’re lucky, there’s going be mist in the park which can replicate some light and provides nice contrast.

The best time see Bromo milky way

The best time see Bromo milky way Around feb to oct. between these months ordinarily the weather is sweet and clears although in monthly also available. Before you begin the stargazing Photography at Mount Bromo Volcano, do not forget to bring jacket, long pants, gloves, head cover and other private medicines because the temperature on the high peak or bromo milky way viewpoint is incredibly cold.

Best Spots for See milky Way Over Mount Bromo

Argowulan Mount Bromo Sunrise Spot Penanjakan Hill Milky Way - Mount Bromo milky way Ijen Crater Tour

Mount Bromo milky way Ijen Crater Tour provide some information about Mount Bromo and Ijen Crater especially best spot for sunrise of Milky Way here are the detail below:

  • 1. Bukit Mentingen or Mentigen Hill or Seruni Wievoint Bromo
    Bukit Mentingen or seruni viewpoint Bromo is located at 2,200 meters high above sea level, on the high peak at the northen side of lava view
    Lodge Hotel. Seruni Wievoint hill Mt Bromo usually used as a campground since there’s a large area proper for star trails or star gazing
  • 2. Gunung Penanjakan 1 or Mount Pananjakan View Point 1 (the highest peak in MtBromo)
    Gunung Penanjakan or Penanjakan Viewpoint 1 Bromo is located at the northern side of Mt Bromo Caldera. This place is a common for sunrise moments and main tour destination in Mount Bromo, since Penanjakan 1 spots is the highest wiewpoint for watching the Mount Bromo volcanic crater and Sunrise phanorama. For your information At the highest points Mount Penanjakan 1, there’s no place for tenting like in Bukit Mentingen or Agrowulan viewpoint, only small warung serving local food stores and hot drinking like tea or hot coffee read more on Best Spots for view milky way over Mount Bromo Click Here

Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour

mount bromo tour from yogyakarta - Mount Bromo milky way Ijen Crater Tour

Once you pay your the entrance fees at locket Bromo and get into the national park Bromo, you shortly notice how well-liked this place is. As you drive up towards King Kong Hill, a lot of 4WD jeeps literally line both sides of the road. it’s insane.

Now. you’re left with many options for your sunrise Click here

The temperature at kingkong hill viewpoint Bromo was epic and cold. The trees made it a bit tough for too several photos/pictures but you had a clear view out of Bromo Mountain for landscape photos. Below are some picture of viewpoints we could see from kinngkong hill viewpoint Bromo.

Mount Bromo Milky Way Ijen Crater Tour Package

Mount Bromo Tour and Kawah Ijen Tour trip itinerary is better started from Banyuwangi Esat Java Indonesia but if you start your trip from Bali Island, we suggest you to start the trip in the morning around 7:00 Am Bali time. But if you come and arrive from Surabaya Airport/Hotel/, you can change this

Itinerary into Mount Bromo milky way Ijen Crater Tour

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Itinerary Mount Bromo Milky Way Ijen Crater Tour Package 3 DaysMount Bromo Milky Way Ijen Crater Tour 3 days, You will see stunning of Mount Bromo Milky Way (startgazing) from the Pananjakan hill, the viewpoint of sunrise and Crater. And the beauty of Blue Flame /Blue Fire Kawah Ijen volcano that appears all nights. If you’re interested to see the Blue Flame / Blue Fire Ijen Crater, You must leave the hotel around Mt Ijen at 01:00 Am midnight time because the Blue Flame appearance will disappear at 05.00 AM.


  • Our Team will pick You up from Surabaya International Airport/Hotel/trainstation, drive with private MVP family car. then we will bring you to hotel at cemoro lawang village or ngadisari village Mount Bromo for 3 hours (Those villages are the nerest village at Bromo). Reach your hotel, check in and free leisure
  • At 10.00 PM, From the Hotel, Our 4WD jepp will bring you to the viewpoint of Milky Way photography spot to see Mount Bromo Milky Way (Stargazing) namely Pananjakan Hill or kingkong hill viewpoint Mt Bromo for 45 minutes driving. After we get to the Jeep parking, continue the trip to trekk toward the best place for photography spot as our tour guide recommendation. From Pananjakan hill, Start the Galaxy photography until finish around 05.00 AM


bromo sunrise viewpoint - Mount Bromo milky way Ijen Crater Tour

After Mount Bromo Milky Way Tour at Bromo mountain done, the adventure continue taking some pictures of Sunrise, the sun rise normally appears at

  • 05.10 AM. Along time admire the Sunrise, You will also wathc another stunning views like Bromo Crater, Mt Batok, Bromo Sea sand and Mount Semeru volcano summit.
  • 06.00 AM, Finish explore Mt Bromo sunrise tour, we will return to your 4WD Jeep and heading to the Bromo Crater by stop at Sea of Sand (Jeep parking). From here do trekking for 45 minutes or using horse ride. After arrive the Crater rim, enjoy your time.
  • At 08.00 AM, back to your Jeep and we will take you back to your hotel to have breakfast, take shower and break while packing, check out and continue the trip to next hopto near Kawah Ijen in Banyuwangi


kawah Ijen Volcano Blue Lava 300x199 - Mount Bromo milky way Ijen Crater Tour

  • At 01.00 midnight visit the Paltuding (Ijen base camp) for 1.5 hours driving from your Hotel, Arrive at Paltuding, trekk to the summit Kawah Ijen volcano rim for about 2 hours with our tour guide.
    Get the volcano rim, enjoy stunning views like Blue Fire Ijen volcano, Sunrise, yellowish sulfur, local sulfur miners activity loading sulfur from crater of Ijen
  • 07.00 AM, After finish enjoy the Kawah Ijen volcano Tour, return to Paltuding for 1.5 hours trek down then back to your hotel for breakfast , taking shower, and break.
  • 10.00 PM, Check out, then transfer you back to Surabaya or Bali Island Indonesia (Fyi: You will reach Surabaya inthe evening 7-8 hours driving), Bromo Ijen Tour Services Finish

Note: Avoid visiting during the weekend or public holiday Indonesia National Holiday. Not only are these days more crowded with locals visiting, but it actually price more too! For a more serene and cheaper experience, you can visit Mount Bromo and Kawah Ijen Volcano during the weekdays, Book Mount Bromo milky way Ijen Crater Tour Package 3 Days with us now..!

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