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Mount Bromo Frequently asked QuestionMount Bromo Frequently asked Question

Mount Bromo East Java Indonesia

Mount Bromo, one of the top travel destinations in East Java Indonesia, is an active volcano situated in a surreal but spectacular massive caldera. While very busy with tourists, almost to the point of being a put-off at the sunrise viewpoints, it is definitely still worth a visit. The active volcano sits inside the gargantuan Tengger caldera – with a total diameter of around 10 km – and is surrounded by the Laut Pasir (Sea of Sand) that’s made up of fine volcanic sand. The overall setting is a sight to see – serene and beautifully other-wordly in stark comparison to the lush green valleys that surround the caldera.

1.Where is Mount Bromo located?

Mount Bromo is situated inside Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park, beside Mount Semeru at East Java, Indonesia. Mount Bromo is located within the massive Tengger Caldera in Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park in East Java. The nearest major city serving international flights will be Surabaya, which is about 4 hrs drive away.

Mount Bromo Tour From Surabaya

2. How to get to Mount Bromo?

Fly into Juanda international airport at Surabaya. There are direct flights from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Jakarta and Bali. If you are flying domestic from Jakarta, you may take Sriwijaya that flies twice weekly.

3. When is the best time to visit Mt Bromo?

The best time to visit Mount Bromo is during the dry season from April to October. April – October where there is less rain but more tourists. But that being said, Indonesia being a fairly mild weather of just rain and shine, anytime is a good time to go Mount Bromo, only check out for local weather when you are there for the best clear sky for your sunrise experience. If you do not have many days then hope for the best when you are there.Also try to avoid weekends if you do not want the crowd.

Mount Bromo Tour

4. How to get around (a itinerary like)?

From the village of Cemoro Lawang, you can hire a jeep to take you around the area. An early morning wakeup call at 3am is required for the Mount Bromo sunrise tour. The jeep will bring you to Mount Penanjakan (45 min drive). It will park just before Mount Penanjakan, where you will take a short walk for about 10-15 minutes to the top of Mount Penanjakan. The timing for sunrise will usually be about 5.30am. From the top of Mount Penanjakan, you will see a panoramic birdeye sunrise view of the gigantic Tengger Caldera  (with a diameter of approximately 10km), Mount Bromo, Mount Semeru and other lesser but equally impressive volvanic cones. After Satisfied to enjoy the Sunrise, you will board the jeep again, where you will be driven down to the bed of the caldera. The jeep will stop at car park just beside The Poten – a Tenggerese Hindu temple. Begin your hike to the base of Mount Bromo by walking across the seas of sand. you are required to cross seas sand on the slope of Mt. Bromo by horse riding or on foot (it is optional) till reach the stairs up (more than 250 stairs) at the slope of Mt Bromo which it will lead you to reach peak of Mt Bromo. After taking in the scenery, you will head back to board the jeep to Cemoro Lawang.

How to get to mt Bromo

5. How difficult is trek of mount bromo?

Walking to the Bromo volcano itself, which involved a walk across the sand sea, by passing the Hindu temple, and climbing up a set of stairs to the crater opening. This part of the hike is usually accessed with a jeep tour right after the sunrise at the summit.  The walk was mostly flat, however, and pretty easy to do. The trek is on relatively flat and sandy ground except for walking on the stairs from Mt Bromo base to its top.

6. Can i walk to Mt Bromo without take a the jeep?

Sure, It is possible to do but you have to do the Bromo tour much early (you will have to wake up much earlier and set off from the hotel by 2 am). If you do not know the way to get to Mount Penanjakan for Sunrise, you will miss it. To get to Mt penanjakan for Sunrise from Cemoro Lawang Village take about 2 hours walk. After satisfied, you will trek from Mount Penanjakan down the caldera, across the seas of sand to the base of Mount Bromo where you will climb up the of stairs to its summit. When to Go to Mount Bromo.The dry season in Java is from April to October. Hiking around the national park during the rainy season is more difficult due to slippery paths and volcanic mud.

Mount Bromo Tour Package

7. What is the temperature at Mount Bromo?

Temperatures are cool year-round in the national park, but dip down to near-freezing at night. The temperature in Mount Bromo can be as low as 5 to 10 Degrees Celsius. Dress in layers and expect to be cold waiting for the sun to rise. The guest houses in Cemoro Lawang don’t always provide adequate blankets for the cold nights.

8. How much is the entrance fee at Mount Bromo?

Ticket in Bromo is IDR. 227.000 or USD 17.5 / person on working days & IDR. 327.000 or USD 24.53 / pers

9. Is there any other attractions near Mt Bromo?

Madakaripura Waterfall BromoWaterfall Near Bromo – Madakaripura waterfall.

These spectacular falls in the foothills of the park are easily reached by anyone visiting with their own transport. From Sukapura take the north-heading road towards Tongas and after about 6 km close to the village of Sapih the turning to the falls is signposted on your left.

Ijen Crater – 6 hours drive away.

Magnificent turquoise sulphur lake that exudes flames, blue fire at night and smoky white in the day.

10. What the things to do & see At Mount Bromo?

  • Hike Mount Bromo With its iconic collapsed top and smouldering smoke, Mount Bromo is the highlight of the Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park. Go at sunrise to witness of stunning views of the Sea of Sand and the surrounding misty peaks.
  • Visit the Madakaripura Waterfall Legend claims bathing in the cool waters of these falls is the elixir of life. As such, the water here is regarded as holy by the local Tenggerese and used in their important ceremonies. Holy or not – it is a beautiful, serene spot with a total of seven waterfalls.
  • Visit the Poten The Poten is the Tenggerese Hindu temple that sits in in all its mysterious beauty amidst the Sea of Sand surrounding Mount Bromo. This whole area has an oddly mystical allure that is not to be missed.
  • Meander Through Beautifully Colorful Houses – The local Tenggerese houses tend toward the wildly colorful. Walk around the village near Mount Bromo to take in this uniquely beautiful culture reflected in their houses.

Hotel Near Bromo11. Where to Stay at Mt Bromo?

You don’t fancy waking up early to see the sunrise? Then stay as close to the mountain as possible. Some decent place that we know is called Yoschi Hotel, Bromo Permai Hotel, Cafe Lava Hotel, SM Hotel, Lava view Lodge located in the village around Mt Bromo Areas. From there it would only take at most 1 hour to reach the viewpoint. You can also stay in Malang or Surabaya, but get ready to wake up as early as 1 AM as it will take ~3 hours to get to the viewpoint. Do note that there are two viewpoints in Bromo, as mentioned in our previous post here. If you arrive late, the mountain would already be so crowded that it’d be quite a chore (and almost impossible on particularly busy days!) to reach the first, and higher, viewpoint.
For our recent trip, we stayed at Harris Hotel in Malang, because unfortunately Java Banana was already fully booked. Harris Hotel was decent and pretty affordable – only SGD 65 pernight for a twin room.

12. What should i bring for Bromo Tour?

Flashlight: The trails are relatively easy to follow but are extremely dark before sunrise.
Water: Despite the cold weather, you will find yourself sweating on the trail. At least 1.5 litres of drinking water for the whole tour.
Warm Clothing: Temperatures are surprisingly cold around Mount Bromo. Ask anyone what they thought of the sunrise and they will tell you that they were too cold to notice!

13.What kind of vehicles do you use?

Bromo TransportWe use standart family car like:
Toyota Avanza for 1-3 pax with 6 seater
Toyota Innova for 4 – 5 pax with 7 seater
Isuzu Short ELP for 6-10 pax with 9 seater
Isuzu Short ELP for 7-12 pax with 11 seater

We will use combination minibus (ELF) Because we can not reach cemoro lawang village with big bus. it is difficult for it to travel on narrow mountain roads.

Mount Bromo Travel Tips

Mount Bromo is an active volcano and as such, its accessibility may be limited depending on its eruptive activity. At times when it is erupting, as it did in 2004, 2010, and 2011, parts of the area may be shut down and extreme caution is advised. In June 2004, two tourists were killed by rocks flung from a sudden explosion. Please check the eruptive activity before you plan your trip – the Smithsonian Institute’s Volcanic Activity Report keeps an eye on Mount Bromo volcanic activity and it is worth checking before you head over.

Mount Bromo is refreshingly cool during the day but outright cold at night, with temperatures sometimes dropping to zero during the dry season and rarely going above 5°C during wet season. You can rent jackets and hats at Cemoro Lawang and at the Penanjakan viewpoint for around 20,000 IDR ($2 USD) but come prepared with thick socks, face masks, gloves, and blankets.

Mount Bromo Tour From BaliThe path at the top of the steps up to Mount Bromo measures around 1 meter wide – you’ll really want to watch your step here. Make sure you bring a flashlight for your pre-dawn climbs and drink coffee or do whatever you have to to have your wits about you when you’re at the top. We highly recommend investing in an LED headlamp for these treks up Mount Bromo.

The steps up to Mount Bromo can also be slippery from crater dust so be sure you have shoes with strong grip. There are reported cases of malaria every year in the lower foothills of the park. If you’re planning to camp in this area or stay around for awhile, please take the necessary precautions. Malaria is not a concern for those visiting Mount Bromo or the high plateau area only.

And as always – make sure you have travel insurance. We highly recommend World Nomads. They cover cover travelers from over 150 countries around the world, offer great rates, and cover a range of travel-related costs from the more commonplace – lost baggage and cancellation costs – to the more severe – emergency medical and evacuation assistance as well as coverage for a wide range of adventure sports and activities.


We can also customise an itinerary to suit your interest.  Other itineraries for your consideration are as follows:

Tourism Nearest Mount Bromo such us Madakaripura Waterfall & Whitewater Rafting at Pekalen River (near Bromo) can also be arranged for minimum group size of 4 and above.

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