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Ijen opened For Foreign Tourist

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Ijen Open ( Mount Ijen is opened) Ijen Reopened for foreign tourist, Ijen Crater reopens to tourists on April 2021. Kawah Ijen Volcano Nature Park (TWA) hiking path are opened beginning saturday March 03 2021. This happy news is actually a breath of fresh air for travelers who have long needed to fancy the exoticness of the crater with its blue fire. We really happy heard the a good new about reopening Mount Ijen Volcano, now foreign tourist can enjoy the ijen crater, see the blue fire and ijen sunrise.

Kawah Ijen Volcano Indonesia

Ijen Tour - Ijen opened For Foreign Tourist

Do you have mesmerizing electric blue flame, streaming down the volcano during night, a turquoise, tranquil, however quite poisonous lake with a dawn that leaves you in awe with numerous shades of red and pink as a backdrop, your self being enrobed in sulphur clouds, respiratory right into a gas mask,making you seem like a soldier on a challenge and passing guys carrying for hours up to ninety pounds of suplhur in baskets on their shoulders in mind while planning a Ijen Volcano hike in Indonesia?

Kawah Ijen volcano in East Java consists of the world’s biggest acidic volcanic crater lake, known as Kawah Ijen, well-known for its turquoise color. The active ijen crater volcano measuring 950×600 m is known for its rich sulphur deposits that are being quarried.

Reopening Ijen Volcano, Foreign Tourist Must Bring Rapid Test Results

Mount Ijen is Opened Indonesia - Ijen opened For Foreign Tourist

The Ijen is at the Bondowoso-Banyuwangi border, and there still needs to be coordination among the 2 regions, and see readiness together. After an agreement with Bondowoso and BKSDA, and then they (The govermant) have agreed to open ijen.

Ijen Is Opened Tourists Must Include Rapid Test Results

Although Ijen will be opened on 3rd April 2021, travelers who need to climb the Ijen Crater are still required to conform with the health protocol. Even tourists who come from outside Banyuwangi are required to consist of non-reactive rapid test results as a situation in order to enjoy the stunning of the Kawah Ijen Crater.

So for traveler from outside of Banyuwangi the area must bring nonreactive rapid test results. This is step to prevent transmission of COVID 19.

While for travelers who come from Banyuwangi, it is sufficient to implement health protocols, like wearing a mask and also for all people to keep their distance and wash their hands.

Reopening Ijen Crater Before Pandemic

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Before the pandemic, Kawah Ijen Crater attracted about 500 travelers daily. That quantity should boom to 4,000 visitors during long vacations. The vacation spot is well-known for its acidic, 1-kilometer-wide turquoise crater lake and its electric blue fire. It is one of only  locations in the world where such flames occur.

To reach the kawa Ijen, visitors hike for 2 hours to reach the rim of the crater and then descend for 45 minutes to the bottom of the crater lake area. To get to the bottom at the most picturesque time, tourist usually begin the hike at midnight 2:00 Am. The pandemic has caused Indonesian tourism to suffer greatly as travel remains hard and destinations remain closed. The tour guides and businesses that rely on tourist arrivals have lost sometimes overwhelming portions of their income.

Mount Ijen Ticket, Entrance Fee Ticket Ijen Crater

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Kawah Ijen will be opened regularly. For mounted quota for 2 teams in one day. every cluster around 225 hikkers maximum. this is be still gradual, if it’s considered safe, there’s no COVID, the quota can increase.

Not only that, for travelers who want to climb Ijen also have to book tickets online. Tickets can be ordered via the homepage (For local visitors), we will help you to orgenize it, exlpore more on

TWA Kawah Ijen Volcano had fulfilled all health protocol requirements according with the SOP set up by the Banyuwangi COVID-19 Task Force. In fact, the stalls at Paltuding Post have also been ready with some of facilities, like a hand washing area, cashier divider, and the application of physical distancing at the consumer’s seat.

All staff officers at Kawah Ijen Crater TWA also are presently undergoing rapid tests to confirm they’re free from COVID-19

Ijen Opening Hours for Blue Fire Ijen

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The so-known as blue fire isn’t actually the fire as it is a complex chemical reaction. The sulfuric gas comes in touch with oxygen, leading to the combustion of the gas. Thus, the infamous (blue flame) will display up and dance earlier than the questioning eyes. The length of the crater is 960 meters x six hundred meters, two hundred meters deep.

Usually travelers will begin the go for holiday at 02.00 am, and arrive on the summit 3 hours later.The great time to see this ballet of fire is at 02:00 AM to 04:00 AM. It takes approximately  hours for this nighttime trekking, approximately 3 kilometers. It is pitch black and the only source of light is from the flashlights. Sometimes, the smell of excessive sulfur lingers in the cold mountainous air. But at this second reopening Ijen changed, Ijen is opened at 03:00 Am (Start to trek the ijen volcano).

Open Trip Kawah Ijen Banyuwangi

Visitors generally climb Kawah Iljen Crater, set among Banyuwangi and Bondowoso, earlier than sunrise to see the celebrated Ijen blue flame or Blue Lava Ijen. The straightforward path eliminates the need for guides, even though transport is problematic.

Kawah Ijen tours from Bali commonly consist of a night time spent in transit, to be able to wake up for the summit climb. Ijen Volcano tours coming from within Java may include accommodation close to the Mount Ijen Crater or the Ijen Volcano. Unless you have your personal wheels, an prepared trip to Ijen volcano is typically the very best option. Some Java tour packages include a Mount Bromo tour, and one or more of Malang, Surabaya, and Yogyakarta.

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Best Time To Visit Kawah Ijen Volcanono.

When is the best time to visit Ijen Crater? New normal, new regulation and ijen is opened, here are some information when is the best time to visit ijen.

  • Between December and January

At the end of December, the depth of the fog that blanketed the top of Kawah Ijen tended to be thinner. Tourist can whatch a breathtaking view of blue flame and stunning Mount Ijen Crater Lake with out being blocked by thick mist. Fyi: December to January is still covered in the wet season in Indonesia. It’s good, you carry sufficient equipments and preparation earlier than hiking to the summit of the mount Ijen.

  • Between July and September

Well, the summer time season that happens in mei to September is a favourite time for travelers to go to Kawah Ijen Crater. Without rain, the soil surface becomes drier, and facilitate mountain climbing time. In addition, daylight is also brighter in the dry season, making you not too cold due to the mountain air.

Hike Mount  Kawah Ijen in the middle of the night

Due to the latest regulations that the opening hours for climbing the Ijen crater begin at 1:00 a.m. It is recommended that the trip begin in the middle of the night, considering that the air is still very cool, and the mountain mist will accompany you throughout the trip.

Good news Kawah Ijen Volcano is opened for travelers and tourism actors. For booking the trip please visit website:, the professional local tour agency for Mount Bromo Tour and Kawah Ijen Tour in Banyuwangi East Java Indonesia. Ijen Opened, We ready to serve you.

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Mount Bromo & Ijen Crater (FAQ)

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